Indianapolis, Indiana (April 22, 2020) – Juncos Racing is pleased to announce Maximiliano Lezaeta, Gregorio Dorso, Austin Espitee, and Leandro Juncos have joined the Juncos Racing eSports. Lezaeta, Dorso, Espitee, and Juncos will represent Juncos Racing in multiple series on the r-Factor and Gran Turismo Sport, and iRacing platform.



Juncos Racing Team Owner Ricardo Juncos has added many talented Simracers and professional drivers from around the world to the Juncos Racing eSports program since the eSports team was first announced last month. The team currently competes in the Ricmotech Road To Indy Presented by Cooper Tires iRacing eSeries, the INDYCAR iRacing Challenge, and the Super TC2000 Sport.

“We have been working hard to build up our eSports program with drivers from all types of racing backgrounds including the real-life racing and Simracing,” said Juncos. “These four drivers we have announced today are very talented across many platforms and series. We are thrilled that Maxi Lezaeta, who is rated one of the top simracers from Argentina and currently runs for our Super TC2000 Sport team, will now compete in multiple iRacing series. We are looking forward to working with Austin Espitee as he is such a high-level simracer and has won many open-wheel simracing events. Gregorio Dorso, who is our current eSports Director, not only brings many years of experience as a simracer, but he has been a driving force to grow the eSports world through his high level of understanding of Simracing on multiple platforms. Finally, I am very happy to add my son Leandro Juncos to the iRacing team, who already drives for our Super TC2000 Sport team, as he will be competing with the top drivers from around the world.


Driver: Maximiliano Lezaeta

Country: Argentina

Age: 24

Series:  iRacing ( MX-5 Cup, BMW M8, Porsche Cup) – r-Factor (Super TC2000)

Achievements:  Won 17 Championship on SimRacing – Winner of the Buenos Aires Simracers tournament – Champion of the Experience RR tournament – 2019  Super TC2000 eSport Champion.

“It is a pleasure to join Juncos Racing eSports iRacing team,” said Lezaeta. “We have developed a great relationship in the Super TC2000 and I look forward to building on that in many iRacing series.”


Driver: Gregorio Dorso

Country: Argentina

Age: 34

Series:  iRacing (NASCAR, IndyCar) – GT Sport (Nationals and Manufacturers Cup)

Achievements:  10 Years of Gran Turismo Sport experience – 3 times World Champion in GT Fusion  Won multiple championships in PS4 & PS3 platform at individual tournaments –

Currently competing in iRacing at the Top Split with Indy Car and  National  Series currently – Gran Turismo Sport – Founder of ROAR Simracing in 2019

“Being a part of the Juncos Racing eSports is very special to me,” said Dorso. “To be able to not only work as the team director, but to represent the team as a driver is a dream. Working with a team that I have been a fan of and who also represents my home country is why this opportunity means so much. I have always admired Ricardo Juncos and what he has been able to build in real life racing, so to have the chance to work with him is incredible. I am looking forward to achieving a lot as a Juncos Racing eSports driver and as the director, I am excited to work with all of the great drivers we have added to the team. See you all at the track!”


Driver: Austin Espitee

Country: U.S.A.

Age: 22

Series:  iRacing (IndyCar)

Achievements: Indy Elite Series winner- Phoenix, Long Beach, Homestead, Indy – Indy Elite Series- Past Indy 500 Champion – iRacing Indycar Road series- 2x champion – Multiple wins in iRacing Indy Oval, Road series iRacing official Indy 500 – Top 33 qualifier 4x

“I am so excited for this opportunity to be a part of the Juncos Racing eSports simracers,” said Espitee. “I am very thankful for this chance, as I will be able to grow more as a simracer. I can’t wait to get started and see where this journey takes us.”


Driver: Leandro Juncos

Country: U.S.A.

Age: 14

Series:  iRacing (MX-5 Cup, BMW M8, F3)   – r-Factor (Super TC2000)

Achievements:  2010/2011Kidkarts 50cc – Florida WKA Championship, 2016 Florida Winter Tour – Mini Rok,  2016 SKUSA – Mini Swift, 2020 Starting as Simracer with Super TC2000eSport

“I am very happy and grateful to be a part of Juncos Racing eSports,” said Juncos. “It is an honor for me as the son of Ricardo to be a part of this very motivated and talented team. I am looking forward to some great results and success for us all!”