Indianapolis, Indiana (July 8th, 2020) – Juncos Racing eSports is pleased to announce Juan Cruz Di Palma has joined the team and will compete in various series including iRacing’s IMSA endurance events, VRS, and NASCAR Trucks.



Juan Cruz Di Palma’s family, also known as the Clan Di Palma, is well known throughout the Argentina motorsports community for their successful history in motorsports. He is the grandson Luis Ruben Di Palman and son of Andrea Di Palma, Ruben’s daughter. His uncles are well-known Argentinean drivers Jose Luis, Patricio and Marcos Di Palma. Juan Cruz Di Palma has competed in Formula 4, TC Mouras, and the TC Pista Mouras.



“I am very happy to join Juncos Racing eSports,” said Cruz Di Palma. “Juncos Racing is a team on an international level, that has a great history and earned great prestige. To be part of Juncos Racing is truly amazing and I look forward to representing the team and my country of Argentina in the best way!”

Juncos Racing Team Owner Ricardo Juncos said, “We are really excited that Juan has joined our eSports program. He brings a great deal of experience and knowledge, not only from his on track racing career, but from the incredible family he comes from that has so much involvement in the motorsports world. I am looking forward to working with him and I am confident he will have great success with our team.”